W Outlet Thailand is a prestigious consumer goods stores system which is established and protected by W Group Company. This is a chain of consumer good stores all around Vietnam.

For more than 10 years, W Group Company has built its image all over the country, which is evidenced by the system of its subsidiaries, branches, and stores. Including:

– The system of subsidiaries, branches:

  • Branch in Ha Long City, – Quang Ninh province;
  • Branch in Thanh Hoa City – Thanh Hoa province;
  • Branch in Da Nang City;
  • Branch in Ho Chi Minh City;
  • …………………………….. .>34 provinces and cities all over Vietnam
  • And the representative offices in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang.

THAILAND OUTLET consumer goods stores in:

  • THAILAND OUTLET Store in Y YEN – NAM DINH – Hung Thuy;
  • THAILAND OUTLET Store in BÌNH LỘC – HẢI DƯƠNG city – Phương Anh;
  • THAILAND OUTLET Store in PHU LY, HA NAM – Mai Chi;
  • …………………………………. And more than 60 other stores.
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    W Thailand Outlet System has been expanding all over Vietnam

We are always committed to providing our customers with products, services and the best brands with the brand W Group.

Our purpose is to provide Vietnamese more choices of goods and quality products, not only reasonable prices but also be safe for human health and the environment.

Our company hopes to receive the support and feedback from you – the smart consumers. Credo in each store of our system is: “Never sell fake and shoddy goods” and we never change this goal.

Business rules in Thailand Outlet

 All employees need to know and comply with the following rules:

With your colleagues:

  • Respect your colleagues: Listen to the opinions of your colleagues; never speak against your colleagues behind their back.
  • Dress correctly, neatly, and clean.
  • Always support each other in the work
  • If you want to be on leave, you should report it to your team leader before 2 working days. Unless you are unsure, you can notify by telephone or email.
  • Send your weekly report before 18h every Friday
  • Clean your desk to keep it neat and tidy
  • If you make a mistake, you will be punished

    With the customers:

  • Respect the customers, put the customers on top
  • Create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for the customers
  • Be patient  with the fastidious customers
  • Be creative to consult our products and services to the customers

The hours of work:

  • Time in works:
  • Morning: 8h00 -12h00
  • Afternoon: 13h30 – 17h30
  • From Monday to Friday (Saturday only morning)

Benefits of the employees during working at the company

  • All employees of W Group have been working in a professional environment with many types of equipment, and social benefits in accordance with Labor Law, such as the social insurance, the health insurance …
  • The official employees are on leave 1 day/ month
  • All employees receive their salary on the 10th of every month
  • Employees who work creatively will be rewarded according to company regulations
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Responsibilities and obligations of the employees

  • To comply with all principles and company regulations.

Work environment in Thailand Outlet  – W Group

Congratulatory culture

  • Celebration of birthdays, holidays, weddings.
  • Celebrating the excellent employees
  • Highest turnover (Fund room)
  • Having initiatives that bring efficiency to the job

Responsibilities of the employees

  • Having goals for self-development. Assist the employees to accomplish their goal.
  • To listen to the opinions of employees, listen to the opinions of employees, communicate constantly new ideas, apply them immediately in the work.
Leaders of W Group Company 

Be proud of being a member of W Group Company

  • The company has a lot of potentials to become the leading brand in Vietnam and the fact that it has become the company which develops and transfers its No. 1 brand.
  • Solution sales management and consumer goods stores system no. 1 Vietnam